English Learning Academy is an English school focused on learning practical English conversation.

At our school, we offer beginner kids classes for elementary school students (around 6 to 12 years old), intermediate classes for junior high and high school students, and classes for university students and adults as well. We offer one-on-one and small groups classes based on your learning goals. We also offer online class options. 

Point 1: Native-Level English Instructor 

Our instructors are all native-level English speakers from various countries. Learn natural conversation and real pronunciations directly. Instructors can also provide basic Japanese support, so don’t worry if you feel uneasy about English conversation.

Point 2: Practical English Conversation

The lessons at our school focus on learning English through practical English conversation, rather than focusing on tasks like writing letters and memorizing words. Even if you memorize a lot of words, communication in English can’t happen if you don’t know how to use vocabulary in conversation or if the words don’t come to mind during the conversation. We customize lessons with English that can be used immediately in your daily life or business situations, so you can learn English that can be used in real conversations.

Point 3: Emphasis on Fun

At the root of our lessons is the idea that it is easy to continue using English if you are having fun. By adopting active learning techniques and games to encourage learning, the lessons are engaging for children to continue learning. We always work to create an environment where students can actively learn and participate in conversations independently.