Surrounded by the sea, Japan has evolved a unique customs, values, and business environment. It is known around the world for world-class craftsmanship and culture. However, in a world where borders have dissolved due to IT and globalization in recent years, with only a traditional English language instruction in the Japanese education system, it is becoming difficult to develop human resources who can play an active role in the world. 

Under these circumstances, we have been holding international exchange camps in Okinawa Prefecture and Hokkaido for children and young people from all over Japan and the world since 2013. In this camp, camp leaders from around the world and children from Japan and other countries gather to spend about a week learning English in the beautiful nature Okinawa and Hokkaido have to offer. At our camp, learning English is not the final goal. Rather, the aim is using English as a tool for learning the values, ideas, and culture of people from other countries. During the camp, instead of separating students from the instructors, we pair camp leaders with a group of children who will help each other, live together, and learn through their engagement in activities.